Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd

The Business

Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd is the largest and most successful hardware and retail business based in the Fiji Islands. Established in 1962, from a small outlet in Ba town, the company has grown into Fiji’s largest chain of hardware stores with ten branches nationwide.

Vinod Patel is the primary exporter of hardware and building supplies to island nations in the Pacific, making it not only Fiji’s leading hardware retailer but also the entire South Pacific region.

The Need

Vinod Patel had recently invested considerable time, energy and money in the implementation of a generic ERP solution for the entire business. Unfortunately the lack of building supplies specificity within the chosen system was causing major headaches as it struggled to keep up with the demands of the growing business.

Mindful of the significant investment recently made, and an expert view of what was required in the back office and at the customer interface, Vinod Patel undertook an extensive evaluation process of a number of ERP solutions, including Sterland’s ProStix Enterprise solution.

The Solution

Vinod Patel required a business management software package that met the specific needs of a hardware and building supplies business and could handle the sophisticated demands of running a multi-branch operation, with a complex mix of trade and retail customers.

“The ProStix team is very co-operative and highly knowledgeable. Their focus on hardware and building supplies industry enables them to stay ahead of the game.”

ProStix Enterprise was the perfect solution. As a fully integrated suite of products, ProStix is designed to deliver benefits for building supplies businesses of every size. Providing a comprehensive, fully integrated complete business solution from the back office to the POS, ProStix was selected as the perfect tool for Vinod Patel.

Because ProStix truly understood the needs, processes and intricacies of the building supply industry ProStix Enterprise’s solution provided a 98% match to the businesses requirements “out of the box”. As a result Sterland’s Professional Services group was able to focus their efforts on training and consulting, rather than large-scale functional development.


ProStix Enterprise solution was deployed to over 200 desktops in the company’s ten locations across Fiji.

The implementation immediately provided Vinod Patel with vast improvements in business efficiency and immediate access to accurate real-time information across the branches. Specifically, the company has seen an improvement in productivity and efficiency through streamlining processes and information through to head office, fully automatic pricing, discount management and optimised stock management.