Sterlands Modernization – Case Study by Progress


For more than two decades, Sterland Computing has delivered leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and services to timber, plumbing and building supplies organizations throughout Australia and New Zealand. With a mission to empower its customers to improve profitability and productivity, Sterland has continued to evolve its solutions and invest in new technologies to keep pace with the needs and expectations of the market.

Most recently, Sterland completed an ambitious and aggressive modernization project of its existing ProStix ERP system, which has since been rebranded as “Frameworks.” Based on the Progress® OpenEdge® application development platform, ProStix is a powerful, feature-rich application that enabled companies to run their entire business from a single application. Developed to meet the unique needs of its target industries, ProStix has a devoted base of 4,700 users across 500 sites and 100 organizations.

“ProStix Enterprise enabled Vinod Patel to gain vast improvements in business efficiency and gain immediate access to accurate real-time information across the branch network,” said Atin Patel, CIO of Vinod Patel & Co Ltd. Based in the Fiji Islands, the company employs over 700 staff and offers more than 30,000 items in hardware, building material, tools, plumbing and more.

With invaluable underlying business logic based on 20 years of experience and development, ProStix has continued to offer customers like Vinod Patel & Co Ltd the most powerful application from a functionality perspective. However, with the rapid adoption of web-based and mobile technologies, ProStix’s on-premise architecture and character-based GUI offered a limited user experience.

“ProStix has always been superior to the competition when it comes to functionality. But to satisfy the market’s desire for anytime, anywhere access, increase our competitive advantage and grow our business internationally, we wanted to transform ProStix into a cloud-based system with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface,” said Greg Thomas, CEO of Sterland Computing Pty Ltd.

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