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Mobile Apps

We understand the challenges faced in the building supplies industry are unique. This has led Sterland to develop a range of easy-to-use, powerful mobile applications that will not only make your life easier, they’ll give you the ability to better serve your customers so they keep coming back.

SalesRep Assistant

Puts customer details into your hands, wherever you are.

We know that serving your customers isn’t always done sitting at a desk. That’s why we’ve developed a SalesRep Assistant application specifically for the building supplies industry.

SalesRep Assistant is a mobile responsive browser based solution that can be used on practically any device. Whether you’re in your car, on-site or at your customer’s place of business, you can easily access all of your customer’s details including:

  • Transactions: access email copies of invoices, quotes and orders
  • Diary notes and call sheets: makes monthly reports a breeze
  • Customer details and attributes: ensures you won’t forget any important details

Frameworks PDA

Increased Store and Warehouse Efficiency!

Many “time consuming” tasks can be eliminated from the store and warehouse by the introduction of the Frameworks PDA solution. This online solution integrates “real-time” with the Frameworks and ProStix application to dramatically improve purchase order processing, stock receipting and stocktake.

Key Benefits:

  • Purchasing: easily generate purchase orders while they are visually checking the stock holdings
  • Goods Inwards: Stock receipting can be completed faster by scanning the products where they are received
  • Stocktake: Process stock-takes in a shorter time frame
  • Shelf Labels: Reduce the occurrence of incorrect shelf label pricing by printing labels on the spot
  • Product enquiry: Stock checks can be easily performed from the shop floor

Talk to us today about Sterland’s range of powerful, easy-to-use mobile applications. We’ll help you get out there so you can serve your customers seamlessly, as well as giving you the upper hand for winning new business.

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