One size doesn’t fit all

Along with operating a plumbing supplies business comes a range of industry specific challenges – from finding a system that adequately manages your unique range of fixtures, fitting, plumbing and trade stock, to having the right controls in place to effectively manage your stock and margins.

You’re probably used to facing those challenges alone because no one else ‘gets’ your industry, right?

Maybe you’d be interested to learn that not only is there someone out there who understands plumbing, we’ve developed a range of industry specific solutions to help you overcome those challenges.

Solutions for the plumbing industry, developed by the industry

Sterland has been in the industry for almost a century. We started off just like you, as a supplier, but over time we’ve evolved to serve the industry.

This came about when we realised in the course of running our own business, that the plumbing industry required specific solutions that could help make things more efficient. Solutions that just weren’t available anywhere else.

Today, Sterland works regularly with the plumbing industry to help improve productivity, create cost efficiencies and grow your business to so it can reach its full potential.

Here’s some of the ways we can lend a very ‘qualified’ hand:

Business Improvement

Got a tough business issue? Tackle it with a fresh approach.

Sterland’s plumbing industry specialists will roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in your business. We’ll help you discover ways your business can become more efficient and what changes can make a difference to your bottom line.

Business Outsourcing

Our industry specialists are ready to lend a hand in your business.

Whether you’re under staffed or just short on time, we can help make light work of your headaches with people who will hit the ground running and have a working knowledge of the plumbing industry.


Cutting edge technology and plumbing supplies industry expertise means we’re the only software solution developed for your industry, by your industry.

Our solutions range from a fully integrated suite of products that will give you the capability to operate as a total solution for your business, to hosted solutions for smaller businesses that can help you manage all aspects of your business without the back end headaches.

For POS solutions, our software is designed to integrate with your existing systems, delivering unrivalled functionality for the plumbing industry.

Trusted by the industry

Throughout Australia, Sterland is well known and respected by your industry – ask some of the Plumbtec members, like Routleys and Bentons, and you’ll discover their ongoing relationships with us.

From software solutions to working with our industry specialist trainers and consultants, we’ve been helping plumbing businesses just like yours to find the right solutions and reach their full potential.