ProStix-M10 EDI Integration

If you would like integration to the M10 EDI, please fill in your details below and a Sterland representative will be in touch:

Note: Select “Managed M10 EDI” if you are interested in Sterland Managing the EDI operations for you.

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Setup of M10 EDI Integration with ProStix

The below information is an outline of the Services and associated costs to set up the ProStix M10 EDI Integration.

Base integration:

a. EPC Product File Download

  • Scheduled download of file from M10 ftp site and import into EPC
  • Email/Mail notification of import.

– Valid store number (1 branch) and password issued by M10 for access to ftp site
– Email/Mail address for notifications
– ftp access to from ProStix server
– Setup of input location and scheduled import

b. Purchasing Integration

  • Purchase order output to flat file and automatic upload to Mitre10 ftp site
  • Scheduled download of purchase order confirmation from M10 ftp site
  • Email/Mail notification of import
  • Match confirmations to p/order
  • Report on/Apply of order changes, qty & price etc

– ETM document licensing for P/Order output.
– ETM document licensing for order confirmation input.
– Setup of input & output locations per store.
– Setup of output context for purchase order creation
– Setup of scheduled import of confirmations
– Training on application of purchase order confirmations.

Price Guideline (ex GST):

$1,140 if PO & POC eTrade engines already installed
$4,140 if PO & POC eTrade engines required

Creditors integration:

  • Scheduled download of M10 warehouse invoice
  • Email/Mail notification of import
  • Match invoices to stock receipts and process to A/Payable

– Base Integration
– ETM document licensing for Creditor Invoice input.
– Setup of input location per store
– Setup of scheduled import of invoices
– Training on application of creditor invoices

Price Guideline (ex GST):

Base plus…
$760      – if CI eTrade engines already installed
$2,260  – if CI eTrade engines required