Goulburn Produce & Rural Supplies

GPRS discuss why Sterland was the best choice when searching for a business partner

With its humble beginnings as a stock feed and fencing materials store in 1983, Goulburn Produce & Rural Supplies has just celebrated its 28th year as the leading rural and building supply company in the area.

Located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, GPRS specialises in Rural Produce & Supplies, Timber and Hardware. They have stores located at Goulburn & Braidwood are one of the largest CRT resellers in New South Wales.

Using a small amount of the functionality from their software system, GPRS wanted to expand into such areas as Stock Control (Inventory, Purchasing & Receipting), Accounts Receivable and Pricing and were looking for a business partner to help build their business and meet their goals. Due to 3rd party recommendations, they discovered Sterland had a business model that meet their needs.

This new partnership will enable GPRS to implement “Best Practice” business processes to help unlock extra potential for growth within their business, and the mindset to develop an ongoing business improvement program over the upcoming years.

Goulburn Produce’s IT Manager, Greg Tyson, advises that they aim to get greater control of their inventory.

According to Greg, another major drawcard for GPRS are the ProStix dashboards that will allow them to have a snap shot of how the business is tracking on a continual basis, making it possible for them to quickly flag any area of the business that may need to be addressed. “This enables us to be proactive to what is happening within the business, rather than being reactive. It gives back control of what is happening”.

“With the functionality ProStix gives we will be able to have greater control of stock levels, be able to analyse and optimize our margins throughout each product group and individual items. We will gain greater flexibility with our ordering and greater flexibility with our pricing structure.”

“The service and advice that the team at Sterland provide was another contributing factor. We are forming a partnership with Sterland, as they don’t just deliver a program and leave it to you to run with it. All along the way we have been introduced to strategies that will help us run our business better. A prime example is making sure that best practice procedures are in place for all areas of the business. Without procedures in place it is easy for a business to lose the benefits that ProStix will give us. We know that the team at Sterland will stand by us and work with us to help our business grow.”

The Maas family have been on the land in the area since 1963 and have a vast knowledge of farming and grazing, which enables them to give excellent advice to their growing customer base.

In 1988 GPRS approached the City Rail Authority to purchased the old Perway Workshops in Sloane Street. This 4800 square metre site, consisting of some old run down buildings constructed in 1882, was used for the building of the famous rail trikes. The site was purchased at public auction and the massive task of cleaning and renovating began in October of 1988.

The official opening was held in April 1989 and business boomed with the addition of timber, building and hardware supplies under the True Value logo, and the affiliation with CRT. Along with that came the addition of Husqvarna power equipment, Davey Pumps and a wide variety of irrigation equipment and services.

With all the extra growth again they approached the State Rail Authority and were able to secure some additional adjoining land which now gives them a total of 7000 square mts.

Goulburn Produce, as it is more commonly known, continues to search for better ways to service their growing community. They support many charities, shows and sporting organizations as only locally owned and operated businesses can do.

With the partnership of the CRT / RURALCO group, the support of their loyal customer base and their new business partnership with Sterland Computing, Goulburn Produce & Rural Supplies expects to maintain healthy growth through whatever challenges may lay ahead.