Business Process Outsourcing

Whether you’re a business big or small, managing everything from stock control to pricing maintenance and cash flow can be time consuming. Throw into the mix staffing issues or problems with your POS or business management software and things can go downhill fast.

Our industry specialists are ready to lend a hand in your business.

In the past you may have struggled along during tough times figuring that everything needing to be done in the business has to happen internally. Well, what if some processes could be handled by external parties to remove this burden from your staff?

That’s where Sterland comes in.

We’ve been in the industry for almost a century and we ‘get’ your business. This means we understand all the challenges you face and the many and varied processes required to run the business. Many of these processes are ‘back office’ and can be performed externally, relieving staff to concentrate on operational and sales growth activities.

We understand these processes and the time taken each day to perform these often repetitive activities.

Sterland specialists have a working knowledge of the timber, building and plumbing supplies industry. It’s because we’ve come from the industry ourselves and so do our people.

So whether you’ve got areas of the business that aren’t being regularly attended to, or processes that you believe are simply too time consuming for existing staff, we can help undertake these tasks for you.

Some of the areas we can assist in are:

  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Product cost maintenance
  • New product range set up
  • Re-order schedules and min / max stock levels

So rather than having your staff persevere with the same things, but still always falling behind in their work, think about what simple repetitive processes could be outsourced.

To find out how we can lend a qualified hand to your business contact us now.