Betta Timbers: Building a Better North

After spending many years working for building supplies businesses, Ollie Orlandi had a vision to ‘Build a Better North’. In April 2007 Ollie’s vision was realised when he opened the doors to his own building and hardware supplies business, Betta Timbers.

For the first 15 months, Betta Timbers operated in Mission Beach from a home office and leased land to house the timber. In 2008 the business moved to its current location in Tully on the Bruce Highway, right near the intersection to Mission Beach.


When Cyclone Yasi made landfall in Mission Beach on 3rd February 2011, no one could predict that the devastation it brought with it would make it the costliest tropical cyclone to hit Australia on record; Cyclone Yasi caused an unprecedented US$3.6 billion in damage. In the days to follow, and without a house to go home to himself, Betta Timbers’ truck driver slept on site, acting as security for the business as all of their roller shutters had been blown in.

Despite a lot of their stock sustaining water damage, Betta Timbers kept the business open to serve their community. “It was so quiet initially” said Ollie “everyone was in such shock from what had just happened. Then came the huge orders for sheets of ply to patch over all of the broken windows.”

As the insurance assessors started to hit town, things picked up for Betta Timbers with business increasing 2-3 fold, a momentum that carried on for 2 years.


In 2013 extensions to the business building allowed for more shop space and along with it came consideration for a more effective computer software program.

Betta Timbers Pic


ProStix was the preferred choice.


This option was considered in the infancy stage of the business and it is regretted that it wasn’t implemented then.  Ollie declares that “Sterland kept us in the loop when designing the program. They have provided excellent service and back-up support; there isn’t anything that they can be faulted on”.  He indicated that the program works for their business due to individualising it to their needs. Administration Officer, Nikki has also converted to the ProStix program and absolutely loves it!