The Company

A long history of building industry expertise

Sterland work with the timber, plumbing and building supplies industries to improve productivity, create cost efficiencies and grow your business so it can reach its full potential.

We’ve been actively involved in the industry for close to a century, so this means we get it. We understand all the challenges you face, from inventory and margin management, staffing, to your software requirements.

Solutions developed for the industry, by the industry

The Sterland you know today came about due to our drive to innovate and find a better way to do things. Originally Sterland Brothers Timber Supplies, we are a wholly Australian owned and operated business.

Since then, we’ve evolved into an organisation that now serves the industry: from software tools, like ProStix, developed to solve the specific needs of our industry, to outsourcing solutions, and now consulting services, which focus on business improvement.

Whatever situation you’re currently facing, Sterland’s longevity and breadth of experience in the industry means we’ve encountered it.

And when you work with us, you’ll be dealing with people from your industry every step of the way who are dedicated to improving your business and helping you to find the right solution.

Sterland Leadership Team

Sterland Timeline

  • Company Founded

    John Sterland established a tank making and plumbing supplies business in Gosford.

  • Retail Firm Established

    John’s sons, Alf & Arthur join the business and establish the retail firm of Sterland Brothers.

  • Company Expanded

    The business expanded to include building materials and household supplies.

  • Gosford Brick, Tile & Pipe Pty Ltd

    The company imported a modern pipe making plant and was Instrumental in establishing Gosford Brick, Tile & Pipe Pty Ltd

  • Sterland Timber & Hardware

    Sterland Timber & Hardware, Gosford.

  • 40th Anniversary Celebrations

    The company celebrated its 40th anniversary, with a parade through the main street, featuring Miss Australia entrants on a bullock dray.

  • Sterland Arcade Opened

    The Sterland Bros arcade in Mann Street, Gosford was opened.

  • Acquired Hardware Businesses

    The company acquired hardware businesses at Woy Woy, Long Jetty & Toukley.

  • Local Area Floods

    Sterland Bros. Kombi in floods at Georgina Terrace, Gosford Ltd.

  • Home Builders' Handbook Published

    The Sterland Bros Home Builders' Handbook was published.

  • Sold Timber Mill

    Sold timber Mill site to Woolworths & established a single complex incorporating a timber mill, truss plant, builders supply centre and retail hardware store.

  • West Gosford Site

    The company moved to West Gosford site.

  • Automated House Frame Design

    One of the first in the world to automate its house frame design and manufacturing operations.

  • Sterland Kit Homes

    The Kit Homes division was established.

  • IBM System 34

    First IBM System 34 installed at West Gosford site and running MAPICS.

  • First Frame Delivery

    First frame delivery for Sterland Homes West Gosford. Scott Parry-Jones joins Sterland.

  • Mark V Truss Press

    Introduced the Mark V Truss Press to West Gosford.

  • Scott Parry-Jones Joins Sterland

    Scott Parry-Jones joins Sterland

  • STICS Introduction

    First implementation of STICS at Sterland as their inhouse system.

  • Commenced Selling STICS

    Commenced selling STICS to the marketplace as a department within Sterland Bros. First customer to purchase STICS was Bowmans Timber at Seven Hills.

  • Sterland Computing Systems

    Sterland Computing Systems was established to formally contain the selling of STICS.

  • STICS Popularity Grows

    Bowens, Hurfords and Australian Timber & Trusses purchase STICS

  • Maurice Sterland Retires

    Maurice Sterland retires and, along with staff of Sterland Computer Systems, Scott Parry-Jones does an MBO to buy the rights of the business and formed a new company, Sterland Computing Pty Ltd

  • ProStix Developed

    Development of a new package using Progress as the foundation database. The package is called STIX (Sterlands Information Executive). This creates confusion with STICS so it becomes known as Progress STIX which evolves into ProStix. The first ProStix customer is signed up, Timberfast at Wyong.

  • Y2K

    Major push to convert all STICS customer to ProStix, as STICS is not Y2K compliant.

  • ProStix V2

    ProStix V2 with GST support and Electronic Commerce Gateway Launched

  • Current CEO Joins

    Current CEO, Greg Thomas, joins Sterland Computing

  • ProStix Enhancements

    Electronic Trade Module Developed Replacing Electronic Commerce Gateway and ProStix Small Business Edition Launched

  • ProStix V4 and SmartStore

    New major release of ProStix V4 and introduced ProStix SmartStore, the first cloud based building supplies software.

  • New Improvements Launched

    ProStix Graphical Workbench Launched and Foreign Currency & Importing in ProStix

  • ProStix SmartStore

    ProStix SmartStore replaces small business edition, ProStixWeb customer portal released and PDA integration into ProStix

  • Loss of a Leader

    Maurice Sterland passes away

  • 20th Anniversary Celebrations

    Sterland Computing celebrates its 20th anniversary. Manufacturing for wholesalers in ProStix developed.

  • Business Services Department

    Sterland Computing launches its Business Services Department.

  • Chain of Custody

    Chain of Custody developed in ProStix.

  • Mobile Showroom & CRM Launched

    Sterland Computing launches its first Mobile Applications, Mobile Showroom and CRM.

  • Release 1 of Frameworks

    The first version of Sterland's next generation Business Management system "Frameworks" is released. Over the coming months the product will be continually enhanced with a "Lite" release available by the end of 2014

  • Frameworks V2.17

    The latest release of Frameworks that adds some great features like purchase requisitions and enhanced sales operations