Sterlands Trade Portal

Sterlands Trade Portal is a powerful, browser based application that enables your organisation to view your Statements, Invoices and Orders on your chosen device, any time, anywhere. We have focused on ease of use and accessibility with this new product to enable us to better serve you 24/7. Refer to the Trade Portal Introduction Video for a brief look at this application and if you would like to implement this great app for your customers contact us

Trade Portal Introduction Video


Please see the information below about the registration process, we have also included a handy video.

Registration Video

Statement Bob 1

Account No: Enter your ‘Account:’ number, this is found on your Statement
Statement Date: Refer to your statement and enter the ‘Statement to:’ date exactly as it is displayed on the statement.
Statement Ref: Enter the 12 character code as it is displayed on your statement.
Email: Enter your email address.
First Name: Enter your first name.
Last Name: Enter your last name.
Username: Enter a unique username. This must be 6 or more characters long.
Password: Enter a password.
Confirm Password: Re-enter your password.


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